Is Muscle Milk Good For You? Benefits and Side Effects

is muscle milk good for you

Muscle milk is one of the best and most famous protein over loaded drinks. Which though has certain advantages, has its drawbacks, such as high levels of fats, health, and chemical compounds, and high presence of heavy metals.

Its primary usage is to provide energy to pump through muscles during exercise, muscle mass gain, and muscle repair. Most people who run to the gym or athletes get to consume it, after they are done exercising in a bid to have an added advantage and in the process repairing muscles that have been exercises.

Is Muscle Milk good for you? So, to help you prepare for the big day, here is everything you ought to know about.

Is Muscle Milk Good For You?

Muscle Milk doesn’t stink; in fact, there are times throughout training cycles when its more than competent for stacking some impressive muscle or for that mid-afternoon or pre-training caffeine jolt.

Muscle Milk has its moments though for serious gainers especially those who need a shot of protein to refresh their system. Here are the potential benefits:

Packed With Protein

As one might expect Muscle Milk has protein which is a nutrient that aids muscles recovery and build up. It may turn out a very suitable option in those times when, after exercising, your muscles need to be fed.

Provides Sustained Energy

For this reason, it will be seen that Muscle Milk generally supplies a longer lasting energy than that of low fat protein shakes. Ideal for those times where you feel faint due to hunger and you need to find food to fill your stomach quickly.

Protein: High in Essential Amino Acids

Another group of molecules that contribute to the structure of macro-molecules are amino acids, which are responsible for the formation of the proteins. Muscle Milk offers a combination of these little molecules that assist in recovery from exercise to muscles especially alleviating muscle rigidity and soreness.

Convenient And Ready-To-Drink

But there are Muscle Milk products in powdered mix forms and of course there are ready to drink types like Muscle Milk punches.

For those who cannot have time to mix or blend these ready-made bottles are a solution for furthering protein intake in motion.

Is Muscle Milk Bad For You?

However, nothing is perfect in this world, and Muscle Milk has its plus and minuses as well. As enticing as it may sound, it has had its fair share of features that may warrant some side-eye, here and there.

These cater for a higher calorie and fat intake per serving as compared to complex carbohydrates or fibers.

The extra can put you past your limit if you are observing a low calorie diet. The extra fat can put you over the top if you’re in a LOW FAT MESSAGE diet regimen. And The extra fat can make you exceed your bowl if you are in the PLATE METHOD diet. Since Muscle Milk is classified as a dietary supplement, it contains impressive 12% of total daily value of fat and 18% SV for saturated fat only for a single serving of the drink.

It may be good for energy and the consistency, but not that ideal for people who aim to reduce on calorie intake.

Contains Artificial Ingredients

Muscle Milk’s most products are partly manufactured through the artificial addition of flavors and sweetening agents. The Center for Science in the Public Interest encourages people to keep off these additives because they are toxic to the helpful bacteria in the gut, pass through to the breast milk and contribute to incidences of some diseases.

If Muscles Milk is becoming the way that you want your life to be, then take a look at this Muscle Milk label and think perhaps it is not for you!

Potential For Heavy Metals

Research conducted for Consumer Reports revealed that tiny amounts of deadly metals such as arsenic, cadmium, and lead were present in some of the protein products in question, namely Muscle Milk. It is not desirable to have it on a regular basis; however, occasionally having a pint within these safe limits was all right.

Muscle milk is a form of a protein supplement that laced drink agent is not milk; it however contains more fat than other drinks that are rich in proteins. This is probably because the company promotes Muscle Milk as a complete meal with various nutrients required for recovery and muscle gain rather than a supplement for additional protein supplement.

What’s in Muscle Milk?

Therefore, let us open the proverbial champagne bottle and consider the dietary information on this product. According to the Food Data Central database, here’s what you get in a normal serving of 70 grams (g) of Muscle Milk powder (calculated from the 100 g values):

Calories: 288 kcal

Carbs: 13 g

Protein: 32 g

Sugars: 4 g

  Magnesium: 140 milligram (mg)

Calcium: 350 mg

Iron: 6 mg

Please Keep in mind that the above stated amount may not be a true indication in respect to the specific Muscle Milk product or flavor used. It is recommended to read the labels with a guide to fitness before taking that particular drink.


Muscle Milk may be a frenemy or one could have gone to the other in the past. The choice of this food can make you guess why workout people need this kind of food because it’s benefits is good for anyone after the Workout.

It has that feel of Monday morning breakfast well during lunch time at work. But Muscle Milk has its idiosyncrasies; a good serving of unhealthy fats, unhealthy doses of artificial stuff, and potentially, metals.

Balance and moderation. Although it is indeed very convenient for people to grab it for their daily source of protein, one should not lose track of the calorie count and can avoid going for certain processed forms laden with additional undesirable additives. However, if you are beginning to think that can replace your meals by spending sleepless night chugging the stuff, then perhaps it is time to hit the brakes.